Premium Safety Features Are Included With The Fiat 500X Pop Star

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The Fiat 500X Pop Star delivers an impressive balance of power and efficiency on the road, and it's packed with features to make traveling a pleasure, from the refrigerated glove compartment to the Uconnect info-tainment system with GPS navigation, and flexible cargo space to fit your family and all your gear. Whether you're driving to work, running errands, or road tripping with the whole family, the Fiat 500X Pop Star is designed from the ground up with safety in mind. Everything from the automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers to the auto-dimming rear-view mirror works together to protect you and your passengers in any driving situation.  

·       ParkView - The ParkView rear back-up camera activates when you put your Fiat 500X Pop Star in Reverse, and displays the rear view on the 6.5-inch colour display in the centre of the stylish dashboard.  

·       Rear Cross Path Detection - In addition to the visual assistance from ParkView, the Fiat 500X Pop Star is equipped with Rear Cross-Path Detection, which uses radar sensing technology to alert you to any movement behind the vehicle when it's in Reverse.  

·       Blind Spot Monitoring - Another radar-based feature of the Fiat 500X Pop Star is Blind Spot Monitoring, which alerts you to obstacles you may not see when you want to turn or change lanes.  

·       All-Speed Traction Control - The All-Speed Traction Control System (TCS) monitors sensors on each wheel and, if it detects that a tyre is slipping, it will divert power from the corresponding wheel until the tyre regains normal traction. This prevents skidding or oscillations that can result from a slipping tyre, and stops a small problem from becoming a dangerous situation.  

·      Fog Lamps - The Fiat 500X Pop Star comes standard with front fog lamps, which is, in itself, a very helpful feature. Fog lamps help you drive safely, not only in fog, but also on unlit roads, and in situations where animals might be lurking near the side of the road; the low-aimed fog lamps let you see the ground farther ahead than standard headlamps. These fog lamps include one more premium safety feature, in the form of corner illumination. When you activate the turn indicator, you'll get an extra beam of ground-level light on the side you're turning toward, so you can spot any potential issues before you commit to the turn.  

Your Fiat 500X Pop Star Comes With All The Latest Safety Features  

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with driving a Fiat 500X Pop Star loaded with state-of-the-art safety features as standard equipment. Schedule a test drive and ask your local dealer to show you why the Pop Star has earned a reputation as a safe and solid family vehicle.

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