How Your Fiat Freemont Crossroad Keeps Your Family Safe

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The Fiat Freemont Crossroad is engineered from the ground up to provide the best protection possible for you, your family, and your friends as you travel through life. Of course, it's equipped with state-of-the-art protection like a six-airbag system and built-in child booster seats to prevent injuries when an accident occurs. The best protection of all is to avoid an accident in the first place, which is why the Fiat Freemont Crossroad includes a full suite of technologies to keep you safe, before and during an accident.  

·       Anti-Lock Brakes - The advanced ABS system built into the Fiat Freemont Crossroad helps you safely stop the vehicle in a shorter distance, and with less chance of losing control or rolling over. When you brake hard in an emergency situation, the vehicle's on-board computer not only activates the brakes more quickly and effectively than any human possibly could, but it also polls sensors throughout the car and coordinates appropriate responses for things like slipping tyres.  

·       Stability Control - Electronic Stability Control is a closely related technology that monitors and activates when you're driving, as opposed to when you're braking. When the ESC system senses a tyre losing traction, it diverts power from the affected wheel, and then restores it to normal once the tyre regains traction.  

·       Trailer Sway Damping - Trailer Sway Damping monitors the movement of your Fiat Freemont Crossroad relative to your intended direction, as indicated by your steering input, and it monitors the sway of the vehicle. If the sensors show that your trailer is pulling the vehicle off your intended course – possibly due to high winds, bad road conditions, or an unbalanced load – the Trailer Sway Damping system responds by using the vehicle's brakes, one side at a time, to counteract the sway, reduce engine torque, and slow the vehicle until the trailer is back under control.  

·      Active Headrests - The front seats in the Fiat Freemont Crossroad are equipped with active headrests, which dramatically reduce the incidence of whiplash in case of an accident. If the vehicle is struck from behind, the active headrests move up and forward automatically to catch the occupants head and prevent it from snapping backward.  

Trust Your Fiat Freemont Crossroad To Protect What Matters Most  

Safety technology is continually evolving and improving, and the engineers and designers at Fiat are continually researching and working to offer Fiat owners and their families the most effective protective technologies available. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from driving a Fiat Freemont Crossroad.

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