Exclusive Features Of The Fiat 500X Cross Plus

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The All-Wheel Drive Fiat 500X Cross Plus is the pinnacle of the 500X line, incorporating all the best features and technology of the line. Its powerful 1.4-litre, turbocharged engine pumps out 125 kW of power, a nine-speed transmission makes that power available smoothly on demand, and its all-speed traction control system (TCS) collaborates with electronic stability control, roll mitigation, and hill-start technology to ensure that you get the best possible handling in every situation. Luxury features like a premium audio system, Uconnect info-tainment with Bluetooth and Voice Command, integrated GPS navigation, and dual-zone air conditioning keep you and your passenger comfortable and content. Advanced radar-based safety features like forward collision warning plus, lane departure warning plus, and blind spot monitoring prevent the most common and damaging types of accidents, so you and your family always make it home safely. What more could the Fiat 500X Cross Plus offer discerning drivers?  

·       Cross Plus Dashboard - The elegant dashboard in the Fiat 500X Cross Plus is an exclusive finish, found only in the Cross Plus model. The chrome smoke colour and the satin finish are a beautiful contrast to the gloss finishes in the rest of the cockpit, and complement the other exclusive Cross Plus trim perfectly.  

·       Exclusive Wheels - The Cross Plus comes with upgraded 18-inch wheels (upgraded from the 17-inch wheels of the base model), which are machined with an exclusive matte chrome shadow finish.  

·       Cross Plus Roof Racks - The included roof racks on the Fiat 500X Cross Plus give you endless options for carrying extra cargo or mounting a specialised carrier for snowboards, surfboards, or bicycles. These racks sport an exclusive Cross Plus finish to complement the wheels and bumpers.  

·      Exclusive Bumpers - Adding All-Wheel Drive to the Cross Plus means it can tackle more rugged roads than its front-wheel drive brethren. Bigger adventures call for bumpers that allow greater ramp angles, so the Cross Plus is fitted with exclusive bumpers for best performance in steep conditions.  

Unique Features For A Unique Vehicle  

The Fiat 500X Cross Plus is truly unique in its combination of versatility, performance, style, and comfort. Enjoy driving more around town, on the open road, and up that dirt road that leads to adventure. Visit your local Fiat dealership for a test drive and a demonstration of the Cross Plus' superb features.

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