Enjoy A Customised Drive Experience In Your Fiat 500X Pop Star

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The Fiat 500X Pop Star is loaded with features like the ParkSense Rear Back-Up camera and Rear Cross Path Detection to help you reverse safely, and Blind Spot Monitoring to help prevent collisions when you need to turn or change lanes. The Electrochromatic rear-view mirror automatically adjusts from day to night and back, and automatically dims when it detects overly-bright lights from behind, so you maintain the best view possible at all times. It's no surprise, then, that the Fiat 500X Pop Star also offers a customised driving experience to give optimal performance for every situation.  

·       Turbo Engine - The Fiat 500X Pop Star is powered by a peppy 1.4-litre MultiAir2 turbo-charged engine. The 4-cylinder engine serves up plenty of power when you need it, and adjusts for efficiency and economy when you're just cruising along.  

·       Six-Speed DCCT Transmission - The transmission in the Fiat 500X Pop Star is a 6-speed dual dry clutch transmission (DCCT) with paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel so you can take control any time you like. The dual clutch provides smoother shifting and faster response when you're accelerating, and it helps give smoother performance in situations like driving on a hill at road speed, when a regular automatic transmission would be continually hunting for the right gear, leading to a lurching ride.  

·      Mode Selector - You Fiat 500X Pop Star gives you further opportunity to customise your drive experience with its 3-mode selection system. The mode selector system adjusts and coordinates the various electronic systems throughout the car to optimise its performance for the conditions you select. In Auto mode, the Fiat 500X Pop Star is optimised for best fuel economy and most comfortable ride in normal driving conditions. In Sport mode, the system will adjust the transmission behaviours to shift a little later; you'll draw a bit more power from the turbo, and slightly heavier steering and tighter suspension characteristics for tighter handling. Traction Plus mode softens the response to accelerator input in first and second gear, so you can start moving on snow, ice, or in mud without spinning the tyres, and it also sharpens the response from the Traction Control System.  

The Fiat 500X Pop Star Has The Perfect Performance For Any Driving Conditions  

Your Fiat 500X Pop Star offers optimised performance for whatever your driving conditions and mood require. Whether you're headed up to the slopes or you just feel like unwinding on the open road, you can create exactly the drive experience you want, and you choose whether you'd rather have your car sipping fuel daintily, or pouring on the power in a given situation. Visit your local dealer and try the driving Mode Selector for yourself.

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