Convenient Technology In The Fiat Abarth Turismo

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The Fiat Abarth Turismo is such an outstanding performer; you'll likely find reasons to spend all the time you can driving it. We've built in some premium technology features to help you enjoy your ride more and to make it as convenient as possible to stay connected and arrive safely at your destination.  

·       Blue&Me Info-Tainment - The Fiat Abarth Turismo is equipped with the Blue&Me Bluetooth-capable info-tainment system. Your phone and other Bluetooth devices like digital musical players and tablets connect to the system to play music, audio books, or manage phone calls and messaging. The system includes USB and AUX connections, too, so you can connect any digital media device you want. Compatible devices can be controlled through voice command using Blue&Me, as well. The hub of the system is a 7-inch colour touchscreen, prominently displayed for at-a-glance viewing.  

·       Steering Wheel Controls - The race-inspired flat-bottom steering wheel features controls for the 6-speaker audio system, so you can adjust or mute, as needed without ever taking your eyes off the road or your hands from the wheel.  

·       Electrochromatic Mirror - The rear-view mirror in the Fiat Abarth Turismo will spoil you for life. The electrochromatic mirror dims and brighten itself automatically in response to the surroundings. Better still, it makes adjustments that are proportional to the input it senses. When you flip a standard mirror from day to night to prevent being blinded by bright lights from behind you, it stops that painful light, but can also make everything else behind you too dark. Fiat's electrochromatic mirror dims in proportion to how bright those lights coming from behind you are on the surface of the mirror, so you get a clearer view than a standard mirror can offer.  

·       Automatic Hazard Lights - One more way the Fiat Abarth Turismo makes your driving life easier is that it automatically activates the four-point hazard lights if you brake hard in an emergency situation like avoiding a stalled car, animal, or ladder in the road. You can keep your focus on safely avoiding the obstacle while your Turismo lets the drivers behind you know that there is a problem, so there is less chance you'll be hit from behind as a result.  

The Fiat Abarth Turismo Makes Your Drive Time Easier And Safer  

Driving is more of a pleasure when everything you want on the road is right there at your fingertips. The Fiat Abarth Turismo is designed to make everything as convenient as possible for you to access, and helps you drive more safely and comfortably with helpful automated features, as well. Test drive a Fiat Abarth Turismo and ask to see all of its features in action. 

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