Fiat Ducato Specifications: What You Need To Know

The Fiat Ducato's specifications were designed to satisfy a wide range of business needs without sacrificing economy, value, or performance. In addition, Fiat was able to incorporate their renowned Italian design style into the exterior and interior so your business vehicle looks great while working hard.

Five Models To Match Your Needs

The Ducato comes in five varieties, three vans and two trucks. Ranging in size and capacity so you can find the perfect fit for your needs without buying too much vehicle.

The van models come in a wheelbase of either 3450mm or 4035mm and a low roof or mid roof. Payloads range from 1612kg to 2009kg and cargo space ranges from 10 cubic meters to 15 cubic meters. The cab chassis comes in two models with a wheelbase of 3800mm and a max wheel load for the front and rear of 2100/2400kg. No matter how much room you need out of your van or truck, there is a Ducato to fit your needs and budget.

Ducato Red Ext

Engine Choices To Power Your Business Vehicle & An Interior Designed For Hard Work

Here are just a few of the Fiat Ducato specifications: there are two great diesel engines to choose from when equipping your Ducato. The  2.3L Multijet Common Rail direct injection Turbo Diesel in both the van or truck are130 96kW; the Ducato XLWB Mid Roof has 150 109kW. Both are designed for performance, kms, economy, and reliability. In fact, these engines were designed to last, so they only require an oil change every 24,000km and a service after 48,000km. Throw in the 3-year/200,000km warranty and you have a great work horse.

If the name is Fiat, you know the vehicle is going to have a modern design integrating comfort, appeal, and safety in a single package. The New Ducato is no exception. The interior's modular design, multi adjustable seats, and audio system help make the work day more enjoyable.

The Ducato also boasts today's latest safety technology, including protective crumple zones, a rigid passenger compartment, plus a full suite of driver and passenger airbags.

Once you've reviewed all of the Fiat Ducato specifications, head to your local dealer and schedule a test drive. There's nothing like driving one of these vehicles to understand how hard they work.

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