More Power Under The Bonnet With The Fiat Freemont Crossroad

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Top-of-the-Range Fiat Freemont Crossroad Offers More Power
When you have the family on board, you may not be running a race, but you want your vehicle to perform well in all driving conditions. If you have a heavier car, you want to make sure that there is enough power under the bonnet to hold the road and maybe even own it. When you’re driving a Fiat Freemont Crossroad, you are in a good position to command the highway.

Fiat Freemont Crossroad Offers A Large Powerful Engine
The crossroad model is the top of the range for the Freemonts, and assume their position with a 3.6 L engine. Offering six speeds, this zippy Crossroad V-6 has 209 kW and 342 Nm, in contrast to the other 2.4 L 16 V four-cylinder engines found in the other three models in the series. Considering that the crossroad, with its available third seat, is the heaviest of the lot at 1820 kg kerb weight, the extra power enables a smooth, competent ride. Its agile steering can manoeuvre the car in and out of tight spots. For parents who want to remember more carefree days on the road, the engine has a good rev and does so with a snarl.

A Great Car For The Road
While the Freemont also looks great, its true value comes on the road in different traffic, weather, and road conditions. The car has plenty of torque, which makes it a roadworthy competitor in traffic and on less-travelled roads. With the combined cycle fuel consumption of 10.4L/100 KM, the car is fairly economical, especially for a heavy car with a large displacement engine. On wet roads, its traction exceeds most similar sized SUVs as its 19 inch wheels grip the pavement; even on dry roads. The car absorbs bumps well for a pleasant, competent ride.
The many virtues of the Fiat Freemont Crossroad can only be appreciated in person. Available now at your dealer for a test drive, the Crossroad offers a blend of power, ability, and creature comforts not often found on a vehicle in this price range.

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