Choose Convertible Or Sunroof On Fiat Abarth Competizione

Should You Opt For Fiat Abarth Competizione Convertible, Or One With A Sunroof?

When you buy a Fiat Abarth Competizione, you are buying a car with fun in mind. It’s true, you might be
driving it to work or to the supermarket as well as on weekend trips, but on a nice day, you might want to
enjoy the open air with a sunroof or a convertible top. Which one should you choose? While the
Competzione has a sunroof option along with other cars in the Abarth line, it is the only one to have a
convertible option.

How Do The Two Options Differ?
The convertible top on a Fiat Abarth Competizione includes a rollback roof section and a fold down rear
window. The roof of the car is completely open, yet remains safe as you have the advantage of the steel
roof structure with mould bars, along with seven airbags and stability control. When the roof is closed, it
looks like any other hatchback from the inside or outside, although the roof is made from cloth rather than

Alternatively, you can buy the hatchback model of the Fiat Abarth Competizione with the sunroof option.
Made of glass, with a fabric roof cover that you can pull over it from the inside to reduce the amount of
light coming from the top, the roof can slide back a few inches or the entire length of the opening. The
glass moves back atop the roof until the sunroof is completely open.

Open Tops Are Perfect For Australia
No matter which option you choose, you can operate it with the tap of a button on the dash, or on your
remote. Australia’s sunny, warm climate is a perfect one for having the option to easily bring more light
and air flow into your car. Sometimes the sun is almost too bright to have the top all the way open, or the
weather is too warm to operate without air-conditioning. At those times, you might prefer to keep the top
closed, but there are times of day when you can benefit from a roof that opens. Just put your car in Sports
mode, feel the air, and you’ll think you are in a sports car regardless of which type you choose.

Choosing The Best Fiat Abarth Competizione Roof For You
Both the convertible top or a sunroof Fiat Abarth Competizione increase the “coolness” of your vehicle,
but convertibles have always had a sexiness about them that a sunroof might not provide. The best thing
to do is to request information and take a test drive at your dealer to see which option you prefer.

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